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HelpersChain is a platform where people are helping people and raising the Funds, It is more then a Ponzi Scheme. It is the community of brothers and sister who are connected by our chain for self help. This is the best way to raise money online and double your money. Azu Friday 10th March 2017 11:11 am [ Contact user ]

To sell Emmanuel Saturday 4th March 2017 4:35 am [ Contact user ]

I have a Property to let. Osamuyi Sunday 26th February 2017 3:46 pm [ Contact user ]

A Serviced Apartment Deola Sunday 5th February 2017 5:31 pm [ Contact user ]

making investment in land easy Nike Wednesday 25th January 2017 11:01 pm [ Contact user ]

Looking for 2 bedroom executive apartment/flat at Ikeja Lagos on ground floor to rent by owner. Minimum 2 bathrooms. Electricity is a must. To have own car packing space.
One year rent between N800000 to N1000000
Khadija Sunday 22nd January 2017 11:21 pm [ Contact user ]

a storey building with five bedrooms up and five bedrooms downstairs. it has a total of six toilets. Uyai Thursday 19th January 2017 5:22 am [ Contact user ]

I'm looking for a cheap 3 bedroom flat in either a plot of land or more than a blot of land to buy in any area that is residential or cheap old building in a bit busy area too. Sam Wednesday 18th January 2017 5:50 am [ Contact user ]

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